German Spruce Tops


We Handpick Spruce In The Alps.

On Site We're Able To Select The Best Resonance-Wood

According To It's  Stiffness-To-Density Ratio.

All Of Our Wood Is Air-Seasoned And Handsplit.

With A Special Treatment We've Found A Way To Improve The Woods Natural Quality Even Further.



Stainless Steel Frets Are Standard On Fulton Mandolins.

This Material Is Vastly Superior Due To It's Long Lasting Smooth Feel Is A Professionals Choise.


Compound Radius.

Our Fingerboards Are Compound Radiused This Feature Results In More Comfort And Ease Of Play.

For A Maximum Accuracy In Fret Positioning The Fret- Slots Are CNC-Machined.

Solid  Tailpiece


Our Custom Made Tailpiece Combines A Unique Look With Sustain Enhancing Qualities.

Another Component That Contributes To The  Character Of The Fulton Sound.

Neck Joint


Our Deep Set Neck Tenon Results In A High-Fret-Position Clearance.

A Pro-Player Feature Making It Possible To Easily Reach Up To The 24th fret.



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90451 Nürnberg


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