German Spruce Tops


We Handpick Spruce In The Alps.

On Site We're Able To Select The Best Resonance-Wood

According To It's  Stiffness-To-Density Ratio.

All Of Our Wood Is Air-Seasoned And Handsplit.

With A Special Treatment We've Found A Way To Improve The Woods Natural Quality Even Further.



Stainless Steel Frets Are Standard On Fulton Mandolins.

This Material Is Vastly Superior Due To It's Long Lasting Smooth Feel Which Will Show Virtually No Wear Even After Years Of Playing.


Compound Radius.

Our Fingerboards Are Compound Radiused This Feature Results In More Comfort And Ease Of Play As It Allows The Strings To Run At Any Angle And Maintain A Leveld Height Above The Frets.


For Maximum Accuracy In Fret Positioning The Fret- Slots Are CNC-Machined.

Solid  Tailpiece


Our Custom Made Tailpiece Combines A Unique Look With Sustain Enhancing Qualities.

Another Component That Contributes To The  Character Of The Fulton Sound.

High Precision Tuners


GrandTune  Superior, 

Made By Schaller.

- Made in Germany

- Velvet-Tec - Smooth & Precise 18:1 Ratio   

- Permanently Locked, Sealed and Covered

   Screw Joints

- 24 Carat Gold-plated Gearwheel

- Made in Germany



Lightweight Case


- Custom Fitted Fiberglass Case

- Sturdy At Only 2,5 kg / 5.5lbs.

Violin Oil Varnish


For Best Acoustics Violin Oil Varnish Is Applied In Numerous Thin Layers. We Finally Handpolish The Instrument With Shellac To Achieve A Vintage Gloss.


Neck Joint


Our Deep Set Neck Tenon Results In A High-Fret-Position Clearance.

A Pro-Player Feature Making It Possible To Easily Reach Up To The 24th fret.



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90451 Nürnberg


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